Through our project we hope to achieve the following results:

For our institution

  • Improvement of the linguistic and teaching competence of nine members of the Secondary School.
  • The school will be able to offer more subjects in English and this increases our prestige and value in the Alicante community, which today values and greatly encourages bilingualism in schools.
  • To go up in level in the Programa BEDA, the most prestigious program of implantation of the bilingualism in our country at level of educational centers, to arrive at Bilingual level.

For our teachers

  • Obtaining a certificate of achievement for the course in which they participate. CLIL or learning English.
  • They will share their experience with the rest of the teachers of Secondary School to enrich and encourage the rest of the teaching staff in multiculturalism and bilingualism.

For our students

  • They will be taught more subjects in English, especially in Bachillerato where the legislation of our Comunidad Valenciana allows us more.
  • They will receive from their teachers talks about a foreign country and what differences exist with respect to our country.

The ultimate long-term objectives of Beyond21 would be bilingualism in our school and increase in the number of teachers involved in international projects.