To realize our project we have set the following objectives:

  • For the three teachers with an elementary level of English (A2 or B1), to improve their level of English by raising one level within two years. Ex: from A2 to B1 or from B1 to B2.
  • For the six teachers with an upper-intermediate level of English (B2, C1 and C2), improve their language skills in terms of the teaching of their subject using the CLIL method.

For the nine teachers:

  • To know and value the opportunities and benefits offered by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
  • To create and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the European Union.
  • To develop respect and tolerance for other cultures through a language immersion experience of a minimum of two weeks staying with a host family.
  • To share with the rest of the teachers and students of the centre their lived experience and learning obtained to improve both the educational quality in our centre in terms of bilingualism and its internationalisation. By giving talks to the rest of the teaching staff and teaching some of their subjects or parts of them in English.
  • To make an individual report on the use of the course and the experience of linguistic and cultural immersion.

The nine mobilities of teachers that we are going to carry out will be for structured courses given abroad, all of them aimed at improving the linguistic and cultural competences of the participants. And all of them will take place during the holiday periods of July-August 2019 and July-August 2020 in the United Kingdom and Ireland and for a period of between two and four weeks.