Science teacher and High school Pastoral Coordinator

As a teacher who wants to improve her language skills, I enjoyed an Erasmus+ scholarship.

My destination was Ireland, in particular my residence was for one month in Cork, a city in the Republic of Ireland, capital of the county of the same name, in the province of Munster.

Cork, just off the south-west coast of Ireland, is a university town with its centre on an island in the River Lee, which is connected to the sea by the harbour.

The building to the left of the tile-coloured bridge with a tower in the corner is the school building where I studied. It is very well located with respect to the centre of this small and attractive city, which gives away the hospitality of its people, its versatility, its culture and its good communication with the airport for direct trips to Alicante and the bus station for day or weekend excursions.

The academy, CEC (Cork English College), is very well organized, with a very good program of studies, attention, methodology and the magnificent teaching staff both in the professional and human aspects and accompaniment in my training process.

Enriching experience to share the learning of the language with colleagues from: Brazil, Taiwan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, France, Central China.

Thanks to the scholarship I was able to improve my English and enrich myself culturally. And like everything one wears to live experiences, this reverts in my being a person and therefore in my being a teacher. So, without a doubt, it serves the benefit of my students during those 21 days there. Thank you for the Erasmus+ experience.