For three years now, our centre has been immersed in a deep and ambitious plan of pedagogical innovation called “Proyecto vein21uno“, which affects the centre in all its areas. The main objective of the project is to improve the quality of teaching and to respond to the needs detected both by our students and by the current social and professional demands of our society. Nowadays, the English language has become essential in practically all the professional fields of our society and our school needs to attend even better to this social demand. That is why we are totally committed to providing the best possible environment to carry out this purpose, and that is why we need to improve the language skills, especially oral skills, of our teachers and our students. This is how Beyond21 was born, in order to begin to satisfy this social demand so necessary for our educational community. The ultimate aim of our project is to provide structured courses in English and CLIL methodology for our secondary school staff in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Thus, three of our nine selected teachers will attend English language teaching courses at a basic or intermediate level to further improve their language skills both orally and in writing, while six other teachers will take CLIL courses to be able to teach their respective subjects in English. At least half will stay with local host families to increase cultural and linguistic immersion.

All the selected participants have been working in our centre for more than ten years and wish to broaden not only linguistic but also cultural horizons.